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Is moissanite a fake diamond? 

A moissanite is something which resembles a diamond but has completely different physical and chemical properties. It is made up of silicon carbide. Only the appearance is similar but it is often used as an alternative to the diamond because of the same reason but is not a real diamond. It is very difficult to distinguish between the two from a naked eye. 

How can we tell the difference between a diamond and moissanite? One way to distinguish between the two is by examining the brilliance and the fire of the gemstone. Moissanite has more fire and brilliance and reflects more. It has more of a refractive index than a diamond has and thus reflects more when a light hits its surface. An expert cut of diamond can also emit a similar effect,therefore it is always advisable to get it checked and certified by a professional than to just test it by reflection of the rainbow light. 

Does a moissanite last forever? 

Yes! A moissanite gemstone can last longer as a diamond does. It is a very durable stone and has a hardness of 9.25 on a Mohs scale. Every gemstone requires proper care in its lifetime and just like that, a moissanite also lasts longer with proper care and use over its lifetime. 

Why is moissanite cheaper than diamond? 

A moissanite stone is usually made in the laboratories and cuts the costs of mining and extraction. A diamond is very expensive because of its mining and extraction involved in it. It is done on a very high scale and thus making it very expensive. This cost is cut in the moissanite stones and thus make it almost 85% less cheaper than a diamond gemstone. 

Can a moissanite become cloudy? 

A moissanite can become cloudy when it comes in contact with dust and dirt. Naturally it is made up of silicon carbide which makes it last longer and not make it cloudy. But it is also a bit porous which exposes it to the dust and dirt, perfumes and other things that can make it cloudy over time and express the need for it to be replaced or changed. 

Can a moissanite stone get scratched or chipped? 

A moissanite gemstone is also like any other gemstone which is made up of silicon carbide. Its chemical properties give it a hardness of 9.25 on a Mohs scale. Which gives the strength and hardness almost equivalent to a diamond. But like any other gemstone, a moissanite also requires proper care that helps it not chip and get scratched. When carelessness will be done with the stone then it can get scratched over time of usage. 

Can a moissanite be worn everyday? 

A moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 Mohs which makes it suitable for everyday wear. But you need to give it proper care and attention from time to time to make sure that it does not lose its spark and brightness and get cloudy.

How can you tell if the moissanite stone is of a good quality? 

A moissanite stone is a very durable stone. It does not get scratched and chipped easily and quickly. Which makes it a desirable choice for everyday wear and use. A good quality moissanite stone will have sparkle and fire to it and will make it stand out. 

Is a moissanite ring good for engagement rings? 

Yes a moissanite ring is very much suitable for an engagement ring and is among the very popular choices in engagement rings. Because of its appearance it makes it look very much similar to a diamond ring and therefore have a similar look as a diamond ring has. 

How to clean moissanite rings? 

Simply soak a bowl of warm water with mild soap and rub them with a soft brush. Rinse them off and rub the excess water off with a soft cloth. You can do this by yourself or get them cleaned by a professional jeweler. It is important to do this routinely to take care of your jewelry pieces.