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An engagement ring is the symbol of the eternal love that you and your partner share. The constant sparkle of it represents the perfect bond of your love and the sparkle that you both have between each other. This would be anyone’s wish to get the perfect size of the ring for your partner and avoid the struggle of getting it resized. Because it never should be a guessing game. 

  • Professional sizing 

If you are not surprising your partner with a diamond ring and are not so sure about the size, you can always reach out to a professional jeweler who will measure and give you the perfect ring and size and then you can go further with it. Most jewelers keep a large loop with a lot of keychains which are of the different ring sizes ranging from small to big of different sizes. You 

can try it on your finger and choose which one fits you the best and go ahead with that size. It is always preferable to try out one or two sizes big and smaller as well, because you should keep in mind the environmental effect on your skin and further to the skin. If your skin tends to swell up in the high humidity and kind of shrink in the winters then you should tell this to your jeweler and they will suggest the best option for you. 

  • Some techniques 

You can always try out some basic hacks and try and measure the ring size at home by yourself. 

#1 technique 

- Cut out a thin strip of paper or a small piece of a thread. 

- Wrap it around your ring finger. 

- Before unwrapping, mark a spot where the paper or the thread meets. - Now you open the thread or the paper and measure it on a ruler

- You now have the circumference of the ring and can tell that to your jeweler and get a ring made accordingly. 

#2 technique 

- Take any other ring of your partner. 

- Place it on a scale 

- And there you have the diameter of the ring 

- You can tell the diameter to your jeweler and they can help you out with the ring size further. 

One drawback of this technique would be that the ring that you measure with, should be worn by your partner in the ring finger. Because the ring size is different for other fingers. People usually don't wear any ring on their finger other than their engagement ring so make sure to have the ring which fits the ring size of your partner.

We know that you would want your proposal ring to be of the perfect size to make it more special. And we get your stress and tension about it too. But take a deep breath because you can always get it resized. Make sure to take a bigger size if you are still not sure about the ring size of your partner. Because that makes the resizing process easier. 

The bottom part of the ring, which is exactly opposite to the place where the gemstone stands, is the portion which is called the resizing area. So it will be convenient and easier for you to get the ring smaller. You can always take the ring back to the jeweler and get it resized exactly according to your partner’s ring size after the proposal too. 

Some of the points that you should take care of : 

  • The outer environment also sometimes plays an important role in the ring sizing. The skin of the fingers tend to sell and shrink according to the environment outside. They swell in the summers and tend to contract a bit during winters because of the temperature. Therefore this factor should also be taken into consideration while purchasing a ring. 
  • There are different kinds of shapes of fingers. If you look at your hand. All your five fingers are of different shapes and have a different structure. Many times this also affects the ring size. If you try the ring on someone else’s hand while purchasing the ring who has similar ring size, it might be a possibility that the ring will not fit perfectly to the person that you’re buying for. Because not all people have the exact same finger shapes. What might comfortably fit one, with the similar ring size,might not be the same case for the other. 
  • The ring that you purchase has a band around it with a gemstone. The band’s width also plays an important role. If you go for a thin band then you should go for a smaller size, whereas if you’re purchasing a thicker band then you should take a bigger size because the thick band tends to snug into your finger and fit tightly. So make sure to take a bigger size for it to be comfortable to wear.

Just keep in mind these few points and these techniques and you’re all set to buy the perfect ring for your partner or even yourself. And even if you don't, then you can always get it resized from your jeweler and make it just the perfect one for you. A ring is a symbol of love be it for your partner or yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get to know the perfect ring size and purchase today!