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A diamond is an everlasting gemstone whose life is for a very long time, or even maybe forever. But to keep it till forever, it requires constant care and attention, so that it lasts very long. Or else, without proper care, it can be harmed and can also break as well. 

So there are some tips and things that one should remember and take care of when they possess diamond jewelry. 

  1. Take off the ring before going to bed. 

Before going to bed for sleeping, be it night or any time of the day, make sure to take the ring off and keep it safe. Be it a ring or piece of jewelry that you wear should be taken off before sleeping. Your sleeping positions can cause harm to the ring and could even put it under unwanted pressure. This is also bound to make the ring or other piece of jewelry weakened over time. This will put you to loss as well. 

  1. Take off the ring before swim 

When going for a dip in the water, make sure to take off the diamond ring beforehand. You never know when the ring slips away from your finger and you lose the ring. When you go for a swim in a pool, the salt and chlorine could affect the ring surface badly which could affect the ring badly in the long run. It can make the ring look dull in the future or even after a few days.

  1. Take off the ring before you shower. 

The similar reasons are valid here as well as for a swim are, that the water has some inclusions in it which could cause harm to the ring surface and make it dull. The ring could also get slippery and slip away while taking a shower and could go down the drain, which obviously isn't something one would want to happen with their precious diamond ring. 

  1. Get it insured. 

Diamond jewelry is an expensive and a luxury purchase. A diamond jewelry can get stolen or lost and it is a piece of eternal love and commitment. Its loss could be emotionally affecting as well. Make sure you have it insured so that you could somewhere recover the loss you have made. 

  1. Get it cleaned. 

Your diamond ring requires proper care and also cleaning. It should be cleaned from time to time because it could accumulate dust and dirt over time. It should be cleaned either by yourself or else the most preferable option is to get it cleaned from a professional jeweler. If it doesn't get cleaned, the dirt gets stuck and makes the ring’s sparkle dull and lose its luster.

  1. Wash your jewelry 

Other than getting it cleaned, you should also wash your ring regularly as well. Do not use soap or any other harsh chemicals to wash it. This could make the surface of the ring chipped and hamper the sparkle as well 

  1. Wear the correct ring size 

It is important to wear the correct ring size. A tight ring size could hamper the skin and muscle of your ring. And a loose ring could slip away from your finger very easily. A right ring size would fit you perfectly and would be comfortable as well. It would be irritating and uncomfortable for the wearer to wear the wrong size.

  1. Store your jewelry properly. 

It is important to store your diamond jewelry properly with utmost care. Make a separate jewelry box preferably with a linen cloth inside. Do not store all your jewelry together because one jewelry can scratch the other. It should not be kept open in direct sunlight. This keeps the diamond rings and other jewelry pieces safe and out of harm. 

  1. Understanding the 4Cs 

Before making a purchase, one should definitely consider and look into the 4Cs of the ring which is cut, clarity, carat weight and color. These are the main basis on which the quality of a diamond ring should be determined as well. This is also mentioned in the grading certificate too. 

  1. Heirloom valued 

This is also a very important factor to be considered. An heirloom is something that can be passed down to their generation. An insurance policy is very important for your ring. This can be easily done through a professional jeweler.